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Types of Domestic Sewage Treatment Plants

April 23, 2023

Types of Domestic Sewage Treatment Plants

In today's times, more and more people are opting to install domestic sewage treatment plants to contribute to environmental protection and reduce the emission of pollutants into the soil and groundwater. However, it is not only ecological reasons that drive people to choose such solutions. Economic aspects also play a significant role. Installing a domestic sewage treatment plant can significantly reduce the costs associated with waste removal. In this regard, we encourage you to use our cost comparison tool for domestic sewage treatment plants and septic tanks, which will help you choose the best solution for your specific needs:

We offer various types of treatment plants that differ in technology and efficiency. Among the most popular solutions are Hydro-cycle, Aqua, Hydro, and AquaClean treatment plants. In this article, we will present the characteristics and benefits of each of these solutions, as well as the advantages of their application.

Hydro-cycle Treatment Plant - Description and Benefits

The Hydro-cycle treatment plant is a revolutionary solution for those looking for a simple and effective domestic sewage treatment plant. The Hydro-cycle plant has many advantages that attract customers. Firstly, its multi-chamber design and self-cleaning biological bed (fluidized) ensure high resistance to variations in the inflow of sewage in terms of quantity and quality, as well as effective sewage treatment without the need for adding bio-preparations. Additionally, thanks to certain solutions, especially pre-aerating the sewage in the settler, the treatment plant operates without unpleasant odors and is highly efficient and durable.

Construction of the Hydro-cycle Treatment Plant

The treatment plant consists of a massive, robust tank with a single hatch, which is covered with an aesthetic lid, blending well with the surroundings. The Hydro-cycle treatment plant is equipped with an external technical box, which houses the blower, control valves, and basic electrical components. This configuration ensures safety and ease of use. One of the major advantages of the Hydro-cycle treatment plant is the absence of electrical elements inside the tank in the basic version, making it extremely safe and durable. The treatment plant can operate without a controller, minimizing the risk of failure. Another significant advantage of the treatment plant is its attractive price compared to other available solutions on the market. The Hydro-cycle treatment plant only requires sediment removal once a year, saving time and money.

The Hydro-cycle treatment plant has many features that make it very convenient to use. The most important ones include:

• Massive and solid tank with a sturdy construction (thick tank walls),

• Proven system with many years of operation on the Polish and international markets,

• Verified and effective fluidized bed technology,

• Single hatch with an aesthetic cover that can be properly arranged in the area.


Features and Convenience of Using the Hydro-cycle Treatment Plant

According to the manufacturer's recommendations for effective operation, the treatment plant requires periodic adjustment of air valves (every 4-6 months). This seems to be a minor burden, and considering that JFC uses tight, simple, but professional control valves, it can be considered an advantage as it allows for the individualization of the sewage treatment process.

Modern Aqua Treatment Plant

The Aqua treatment plant is a modern solution for those seeking an effective and convenient domestic sewage treatment plant. The treatment plant also operates on fluidized bed technology. Aqua also offers most of the advantages of the Hydro-cycle treatment plant, as it features a multi-chamber system (preliminary settler, bio-reactor with bed, and secondary settler). However, it is equipped with a control device that ensures automatic operation of the treatment plant and does not require the user to adjust air valves. The Aqua treatment plant operates fully automatically and is highly efficient. The system is equipped with sequential dosing of sewage from the settler to the bio-reactor, allowing the bio-reactor to receive evenly dosed pre-treated sewage for biological treatment. The entire control system, along with the blower and automation, similar to the Hydro-cycle plant, is enclosed in a professional technical box with a foundation for installation in the ground. The Aqua treatment plant controller will remind you to remove sludge or perform service inspections, while you will enjoy fully automatic operation, high efficiency, and longer system lifespan.

Hydro and AquaClean

The Hydro and AquaClean treatment plants are solutions based on the technology of low-loaded activated sludge operating in a sequential batch reactor (SBR) system, which allows for effective and efficient sewage treatment. The treatment plants operate according to a strict plan. The entire sewage treatment cycle is divided into four complete cycles. Each six-hour cycle is automatically divided into five consecutive phases:

  • Dosing pre-treated sewage from the preliminary settler to the bio-reactor,
  • Aeration of sewage and its biological treatment with the elimination of nutrients in the bio-reactor,
  • Sedimentation of sludge in the bio-reactor (separation of treated sewage from activated sludge),
  • Pumping out treated sewage after the sedimentation process,
  • Recirculation of excess sludge to the preliminary settler.

This treatment plant is an excellent solution for those seeking an innovative and efficient sewage treatment system for their home. The systems are equipped with a controller that allows for fully automatic management of the sewage treatment process, minimizing the risk of failure and ensuring efficient and effective operation. Thanks to very precise control of the entire process, optimal conditions for microorganisms responsible for effective sewage treatment are maintained. The Hydro and AquaClean treatment plants operate based on sequential sewage treatment stages, allowing them to be used in various environmental conditions. These treatment plants are also resistant to uneven inflows of raw sewage, which are properly averaged in a large preliminary settler that acts as a buffer for incoming sewage. The treatment plants are easy to operate and require minimal maintenance effort. Due to their solid construction and durable materials, they are extremely durable and resistant to damage.

The Hydro and AquaClean treatment plants differ only in the design of the tank. Hydro is based on a vertical tank (WWT), while AquaClean is based on a horizontal tank (WWTH). Both solutions, as with the previously discussed options, feature a single hatch providing access to all the executive elements of the treatment plant, and the entire system is enclosed with a highly durable and aesthetic cover.

It is worth noting that in response to the feedback from our cooperating contractors, all our solutions can be equipped with electric centrifugal pumps for discharging sewage from the treatment plant. This eliminates the need for an additional sewage pumping tank when the need arises to lift the sewage higher (due to deep tank installation). The use of an electric pump for sewage discharge is, of course, an option that we provide at the customer's request.


Choosing the right type of domestic sewage treatment plant is crucial to ensure effective and efficient sewage treatment. Hydro-cycle, Aqua, Hydro, and AquaClean treatment plants are solutions that stand out on the market and are gaining increasing popularity among users. Each of these treatment plant types offers a unique technology that allows for effective sewage treatment, minimizing the risk of failure, and providing user convenience. The decision to choose a specific solution should be based on individual needs and requirements, as well as the conditions prevailing in the area where the treatment plant is to be installed. If you want to find out which type of treatment plant is best for you, leave your details in our form. We will contact you and provide a customized offer.

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